Enlightenment Ain't Excerpts

From Chapter 1

From "It Enters" … About a month later, with a sensation so strong that I grabbed at my neck, a tiny tube inside the back of my head suddenly went “zip.” And it instantly became silent. Even after my skin had shifted into quiet, I had never noticed any particular sensations inside my neck. But the moment that bundle of nerves, or whatever it was, zipped itself into silence, I knew that in that area too there had always been faint pins and needles, some understated white noise. I realized it had always been there only when it disappeared. The cleansing of that little tube had an interesting effect…..Read More


From Chapter 7

From "Buddha Alone in It"… It snowed again last night. A heavy drift blew up the locust tree, nearly covering the little Buddha at its base. Only his head pokes out of the snow bank this morning, like some crowning newborn. His topknot and curls stand out regally. He looks especially content there so alone.

He’s always alone, now that I think of it. You never see “Buddha and Wife.” You never see him in a group. St. Francis is always shown alone with his birds, though I hear that as a youth he was quite a flirt. Sikh founder Guru Nanak is always painted alone, even though he was married to Sulakhani and was the father of two. Why is the spiritual journey always taken alone?

Is this really such a good idea?…..Read More



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