Dr. Forman's Services

Spiritual Counseling

If you want to find a safe space to explore your own spiritual life, both your disappointments and your hopes, then allow me to help you as your Spiritual Counselor. 

Spiritual counseling is not oriented around pathology, but around your deepest sense of the spirit and of meaning. It is a place to explore what it means to be a mystic — closeted or "outted" — and to learn to live in the everyday and in intimate relationships in integrity with your meditative or prayer experiences.  Pricing on a sliding scale. 

Here’s what a few of his clients have said:

  • “Dr. Forman’s grounding in silence somehow allows me to feel intensely alive.”
  • “He allows me to feel safe to freely discover what is most compelling about my own life.”
  • “With the depth of his ability to listen and respond with a similar depth of his own, it is rare that a conversation with him doesn’t unsheathe something new, interesting and authentic.”
  • “A remarkable spiritual counselor!”


Talks & Workshops
Dr. Forman has given hundreds of talks, workshops on how to weave the spiritual into the everyday, and how to make your friendships and intimate relationships places for Jazz in the Soul.



Weddings are not only expressions of love, they both commemorate and become part of the groundwork for a couple's life together.

Every wedding service I perform as an ordained minister is designed to help you not only have a wonderful wedding day, but build your marriage intentionally, with greater consciousness. Together we will think through what your relationship is about, and help create how you will be together.

In so doing, you will be putting your attention on the meaning, not the drapery, of your wedding. I am proud to say, in part as a result, all of my couples are still together, and happily.


Meditation Instruction

For those who haven’t spent many hours meditating, it’s almost pointless to describe it. Some meditations are heartbeatingly active. Lots are workaday, with your mind going over to-do lists and plans as if you're  at your desk.

But often meditation is like a tender caress, where increasingly slow, languorous thoughts find their way into a roundness of warmth and softness inside like a purring feline on a warm evening’s bed. A gentle kindliness wafts into your forearms and calves, like a waking sleep, and you become very soft with yourself, fighting nothing, seeking nothing, but just letting your mind drift and be awake simply for all the vague, dreamy half-seen thoughts and felt sounds.

To meditate like this is to let go of self. It is to relinquish who you are and to let go of life’s concerns into the merest being alive. Such letting go into the smooth presence of simple being is not the kind of visible, salable skill a businessman or a violinist might develop.  To really let go, to not try, not even a little, is its own kind of mastery.  And it is not at all trivial.

–From Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be.


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