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Dr. Forman's media appearances. 


Sample Radio Interview:  The Power of We with the amazing Maryanne and her wonderfully thoughtful husband, David Raynal. (Left click to load & play, right click to download.) 


A more recent and delightful radio interview with Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations Radio.  Though only a half hour, one of the most thoughtful interviews I've enjoyed!


Here's a full film of Robert talking about the nature of enlightenment called The Ecstatic Experience. 


Sample TV Interview:  A delightful and thought provoking interview with Rick Archer on his wonderful Buddha at the Gas Pump site


Authentic Living with Andrea Mathews.  A wonderful, creative and thoughtful conversation.  I highly recommend it.


Future Primitive with Joanna Harcourt Smith.  Here is a wonderful deep and thoughtful woman, in which we're learning together.  And here is a second one even better! Such a pleasure!  Enjoy!


A list of recent interviews on Blog talk radio is here.  


Our first interview about SoulJazz with Barbara Adams on RadioAmerikaNow


A recent interview with Deborah Walker.  


An unusual interview with Royce, the "redneck" interviewer.  A delight!


The Power of WeAn excellent interview with two terriffic people.  They had done their homework, and we just cooked.  Wonderful!!


Sharon Saylor: Beyond Lip Service.  With a charming and thoughtful host!  Sharon writes: "My interview with Dr. Robert Forman on my radio show was an insightful and engaging experience. Thank you Robert for sharing your wisdom." ~Sharon Sayler, www.BeyondLipServiceRadio.com

Hundredth Monkey Radio, Oct 16, 7 PM East.  A delightful one hour interview with two insightful men!  A second hour of the interview will be at http://thehundredthmonkeyradio.com/dr-robert-forman.html Ask us for the password.


Healing Paq Interview  With the thoughtful and charming Eamen Hameed. 


Light Bulb Moment:  A delightful video conversation with Tom Evans, whose light bulb moments are moments of spiritual breakthrough. Here is a second light bulb conversation with Tom, about speaking truth. 


Law of Distraction,   Short but sweet.


Dara on the Radio


Here's a second with the charming Dara:

Listen to internet radio with 411Voices on Blog Talk Radio


Kathryn Raaker, October 15, 10 AM East


Mind, Brain Body with Michael Kell, October  21, 8 – 9 AM Pacific


Gary Goldberg, In the Spirit, Thurs Nov 3


T. Love, Energy Awareness Radio  A lovely conversation in which we talk about how to apply the principles of enlightenment to marriages and relationships.


Interviews still to come. 


Dara Blaker, Dara on the Radio, 2nd Interview Dec 6, 11:30 AM East.


Awakening Zone, with Jeanne Adrienne  Dec 6, 8:30 PM East


Tom Parks, Portland


Rick Archer, Fairfield Iowa




More of our past interviews


Lois Berman Show,


The Morning Bulletin KBUL Wed, Oct 19

The Business of Life with Ron Tunick, KKZZ near LA, Syndicated Show, Energetic conversation that took place Thurs Nov 10, 4 PM Pacific