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Invitation to SoulJazz

We've learned the hard way not to tell folks about a program that's not actually ready, so we've kept our mouths shut. But we're definitely ready now. We've run two very successful "beta tests" of our 6 session Webinar and our third will start May 4. Please join us!


Why SoulJazz.  The program

responds to a need we have

heard a lot:  people have discovered some level of spiritual openness but find it hard to weave that depth and spaciousness into their everyday lives and relationships. Many feel unable to create deeper, more soulful (i.e intimate) connections with friends or loved ones.  


We can develop enlightenment, why not enlightened relationships?


In answer we've developed the SoulJazz program.  It's designed to help folks listen into the depths, and learn the secret to making deeper, more intimate contact. Folks who have taken the program have told us that even though a webinar, SoulJazz gives them know-how and tools to make the kind of contact they wanted.


Developing Intimacy:  Many have told us that they know they want a different way to be with others but don't know how to bring it about. Others have told us they're afraid they'll offer something of themselves, only to be hurt when others don't reciprocate. 


We answer questions like these by providing tools, concepts and even day to day practices that address these fears and actually help.


Our invitation:  We’re looking for just a few folks to participate in a Beta Test of our online Webinar course. Two hours, Sunday Evenings, for six weeks, starting May 4. There will be private conversations (i.e. webcam face to face) conversations, group explorations, lectures, truly helpful homework and lots of tools for weaving more intimacy into your daily life.  Post course support is also available.


Although the program will eventually cost about $300, this Beta Test will be only $150; and if you complete the program, which includes giving us some feedback, we will be happy to refund your investment, no questions asked.  


Though developed by a team of Forge Guild members, the course has been refined and is co-facilitated by Toronto Psychotherapist Kerry Gordon and Professor and Forge Founder Robert Forman.  


Interested?  Just drop a note to Forman@TheForge.org or check out our website, www.SoulJazzOnline.com  


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