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Invitation to Jazz in the Soul

Merry Christmas.  Though I'm not a Christian, I love the holiday.  I see it as the celebration of the possibility of the birth of the infinite  in us.  So that we have the capacity to become "fully God and fully Man" as the Nicean creed has it.  It is in that spirit I say, hey, have a wonderful Christmas!

You may have heard me say, either in talks, radio shows or in print, that the key to building a life with the same openness that comes with spiritual depth, is by living with deep and searching truth.  Not the truth about someone else, but about us, who we are what we're doing, where we struggle and discover.

the Farmhouse at Rowe

Truth telling is the key to building a life of deep authenticity and connection — with self and others. 

You may have also ve heard me say that we teach people how to do this in the Soul Jazz program.  Well, the long wait is finally over. We're now opening enrollment for the first ever public Soul Jazz weekend.

Have you contacted a deeper reality, sometimes found the infinite?  Learn to weave it into your everyday life, at home and at work.

This is the real challenge of the spiritual life, isn't it? 

We discover some sense of openness or deep inner freedom in the church pew or on the meditation cushion. But how do we live that, every day, in our ordinary lives?  The Soul Jazz program will help you bring the depths that you've found on retreats into the messiness of the day to day.

My hours on the yoga mat feel spiritual; why can't I sing the song of mystery in the rest of my life? 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone–a lover, a friend, a stranger–when suddenly things "drop down" and you're telling truths you didn't know your knew and in a way you never have before?  Don’t things seem more alive, more meaningful at those moments?  How would you like to apply what you find in those wonderfully connected encounters to your everyday relationships?  How would you like to live with that same depth of authenticity in the sweaty ambiguity of everyday life?

My prayer life and my imagination are in Technicolor; why is my everyday life so drab?

The Soul Jazz program, developed by a team of spiritual teachers from many traditions will inspire you to deeper and deeper levels of everyday vitality and connection.  It will help you listen and speak with greater honesty and understand what stops you from living with that depth of authenticity.  With teachings that include an optional weekly follow up program, this program will help you bring openness to the locked places of your life.  Such freedom can bring more intimacy, creativity, care and excitement into your days and build relationships of discovery, wisdom and depth. 

When:  Feb. 3 – 5, 2012. 

Where:  Rowe Retreat Center, Rowe Mass, a beautiful, quiet and rustic center. 

Cost:  For price choices (there are tons!) and registration go to Soul Jazz at Rowe.

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